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The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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PTA - Friends of Lydd Primary School

We have an Active Parent Teacher Association which raises money for our School.

Hello from the Friends of Lydd Primary School

What do we do and who are we?

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a group of parents, teachers and staff who come together to help raise money for the school.  At the Annual General Meeting held last June new Officers were elected.  The current Officers are:

Chair –  Michelle Maslin            Vice Chair –  Laura Woodley

Treasurer –  David Lewis           Second Treasurer - Kelly Niblett

Secretary –  Amy Jones              Second Secretary - Kay Pearce


There is also a Committee made up of other parents and staff who, when possible attend meetings to chat, discuss and agree how to raise funds and organise events.

How do we raise money?

We put on events, such as the Christmas and Summer Fairs, School Disco’s, Quiz Nights, Beetle Drives, Treasurer Hunts, Jumble Sales and more.  Money raised from these events go to the PTA funds where it is agreed how and on what to spend it. 

What does it get spent on?

Funds raised over the past few years have supported such things as: costumes for school productions, the wooden stage, school trip goodie bags, CD players for each classroom and hall, class trips to Dungeness Power Station and RSPB Centre.  All decisions are voted on by the members and no one person has control of the funds.

Come along!

We always welcome new members so if you are interested please leave your details in the office.  Alternatively if you know a member just ask us for more information.  If you cannot commit to joining any help you can offer is welcome, for example, making a cake for the cake stall, helping on a stall or helping to set up an event is very much appreciated.  We would also like to hear your ideas on what sort of events you would like to attend, maybe a Bingo night?  Any suggestions welcome though we of course can’t make promises!

We aim to have fun and a laugh so if you would like to make new friends and support the school come along and join us.  It all goes to help the children and support the school!

100 Club

Draw Date: 17th May 2018

Amanda Hunt Number 29 (Parent)

Draw Date: 21st June 2018

Kay Usher Number 50 (Staff)

Draw Date: 20th September 2018

Kerry James Number 1 (Parent)

Draw Date: 11th October 2018

Ruth Hambley Number 17 (Grandparent)

Draw Date: 15th November 2018

Geoff Everard Number 56 (Grandparent)

Draw Date: 13th December 2018

Debbie Rigden Number 45 (Parent)

Draw Date: 17th January 2019

Ruth Hambley Number 6 (Grandparent)

Draw Date: 28th February 2019

Ron Ireland Number 71 (Governor)

Application Letter/Form

Forthcoming events:

Mothers Day Raffle - To be drawn Friday 29th March

Easter Tea and Chocolate Raffle - Thursday 4th April

Summer Fair - Friday 12th July

Summer Disco - Wednesday 17th July 

Minutes of meetings:

February 2015

June 2015

May 2017

Jan 2018

March 2018 (1)

March 2018 (2)

April 2018

June 2018

September 2018