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Year 3: Monkey Class

Home Learning

Welcome Video:

Good evening Monkeys!

Please find below a video from Miss Simmonds for any Monkeys who are moving up to Lions class! Enjoy!



Dear Monkeys and parents,

We hope that you have been checking out the videos on the Our Lives News page

On this page there are videos of teachers across the Village Academy with lots of learning ideas you can try at home. The site is split into four sections EYFS, KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2 so go to Lower KS2 to watch the videos of all the Year 3 and 4 teachers but also check out the other sections to see if you can spot teachers from other classes too! At the end of the videos, myself, Miss Raby and Miss Boraston have set you some challenges which we would love you to try.

Miss Simmonds has challenged you to draw a picture or write a poem about what you can see outside your door based on the poem ‘The Door.’ Just like the poem, you might even want to use your imagination of what you could see if you open the door!!

I have challenged you to research and try to create some art by Cezanne or Picasso. 

Miss Raby has challenged you to create a map of somewhere, this could be your garden, a room in your house or a map of an imaginary setting.

As you know, our topic for the next two terms is ‘Survival.’ This is a good topic for us at the moment as we are having to learn lots of new skills at home and we can’t wait to hear all about what you have been up when we return to school. Lots of you have completed some brilliant biographies about Bear Grylls and Steve Backshall using Purple Mash so well done for getting our topic off to a great start. Remember to have a look on these websites to learn more about survival.

We would also like you to keep up with your Maths and English either by completing some of the activities in your home learning packs, trying out a 2Do task on Purple Maths or visiting one or more of the following websites:

Most important of all, keep well and be happy by doing the things you enjoy and remember to spread lots of kindness too.

All of us in the Year 3 and 4 team can’t wait to see you soon.


Miss Boraston



Dear Monkeys and parents,

We hope you had a lovely Easter and enjoyed spending quality time with family in the glorious sunshine. We would like to extend our thanks once again for all of the work you have been doing at home. We have enjoyed reading and marking the work some of you have completed using Purple Mash and we will continue to set new tasks regularly, so keep logging in and doing your best. Don’t forget to log into Times Table Rockstars and Spelling Shed too!

Our topic for the next two terms is ‘Survival.’ Even though we are not at school at the moment, there is lots you can do at home to get started. Firstly, we suggest that you check out the following websites where you will find out lots of information about important people who work in this field as well as current issues regarding conservation.  On Purple Mash, you will find some To Do tasks which are specifically linked to our new topic. Of course, you may decide to carry out your own survival project linked to something interesting you find out.

From Monday 20th April the BBC will be launching BBC Bitesize Daily. More information can be found on the following link:

The following websites are really useful too and have lots of online tutorials and games to help with key concepts in Maths and English.

Also don’t forget that spending time together as a family is vitally important. Perhaps getting together and playing a board game, doing some cooking or gardening, completing some arts and crafts or building Lego models. All of these activities will help develop valuable life-long skills, and help to fill your day too!

Keep well,


Miss Boraston


Dear Monkeys and parents,

I hope you are all keeping well in these strange times and you're finding ways to take your mind off what is currently going on in the world. 

The Year 3 and 4 team want to say a big thank you and well done to children (and parents) for all their hard work so far, whether this is logging on to Purple Mash, playing on Times Table Rockstars or completing some activities in your home learning packs. It is great to see lots of you trying the To Do tasks. We are setting these regularly, so keep logging in and doing your best. 

Please do not worry if you have not been able to complete much. It is just as important to spend time with your family doing the activities you enjoy. Perhaps some cooking, gardening, sewing, making Lego models, painting, drawing, reading books and magazines, playing Maths and grammar games on the tablet as well as doing a bit of handwriting and spelling. All of these activities will help develop valuable life-long skills, and help to fill your day too.

Have a Happy Easter and I look forward to getting back to normal and seeing you all again when this is all over.

Keep well,

Miss Boraston


A message from the Class Teacher

A Message from the Class Teacher.

Welcome to Monkeys Class! We are a year 3 class who love to explore through learning new things! We really enjoy reading a class book and taking inspiration from it to use in our writing. We also love using our maths skills to solve the latest problem solving challenge or learning through history, geography and the creative curriculum in our exciting topic work! We hope you enjoy having a look around our website!

What will we be learning this year?

Have a look below to see what we will be up to this term!


  • Gorilla by AnthonyBrown
  • The Twits by Roald Dahl

We will be sharing and enjoying stories, writing instructions, poems and recounts, describing characters and settings and role playing. We study each book for a few weeks using the book to cover as many forms of writing as possible. Through that work we will look at things like word classes (adjectives/nouns/verbs/adverbs etc.), expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials, cursive handwriting, direct speech, conjunctions, exclamations and questions, punctuation, developing vocabulary and spelling through lessons designed to support year 3 learning.


In our maths lessons we work hard to ensure that all children are challenged and foster the opportunity for the children to work in year groups to cover the National Curriculum, which includes being able to:


Perform mental calculations in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Recognise place value of 3-digit numbers and comparing and ordering numbers up to at least 200. Use extended column addition and subtraction to solve problems.  Find fractions of a number and adding simple fractions.  Use multiplication and division to solve problems.  Estimate, measure and compare lengths in metres, cm and mm.  Estimate, read and write time to the nearest 5 minutes.

Construct pictograms, bar charts and tables. Recognise 2D and 3D shapes, angles, horizontal, vertical and parallel lines and be able to describe rotation in terms of right angles. Estimate answers to calculations involving money and be able to use the inverse to check answers.


Topic – Ancient Egypt

  • Science – Animals including humans, where we will be learning about aspects of the human body..
  • Geography –We will be taking a trip to Ancient Egypt to learn about the pyramids, the lives of Ancient Egyptians and how to write using Hieroglyphics. 
  • History – We will be investigating a typical day in the life of an Ancient Egyptian, both poor and rich..
  • RE –Learning a little about Judaism and Synagogues, the Christian Festival of Easter and living a moral life, as well as using our RE lessons to produce some extended writing and producing illustrations through storyboards.
  • DT – Exploring textiles and simple mosaics.
  • DT – Food hygiene including eating a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Art – Drawing from experience by choosing and using a range of mediums.
  • PE – Throwing, catching and team games including basketball, hockey and football.
  • Music – Singing and performing to an audience, learning harmonies and choreographing simple dance routines.


What you can do to help at home?


  • Spend a few minutes a week looking at multiplication facts up to 12 x 12.
  • Any information books or items relating to Global Warming or Climate Change that your child may find interesting.
  • Above all, reading at home and completing homework on time should be made priority at home!


Thank you!


Miss Boraston, Miss Collins  and Mrs Button.