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Year 1/2: Squirrels Class

A Message from the Class Teacher

Welcome to Squirrel Class! We are a split Year 1 and 2 class who are nuts about learning new things! We really enjoy reading a class book and taking inspiration from it to use in our writing. We also love using our maths skills to solve the latest problem solving challenge or learning through history, geography and the creative curriculum in our exciting topic work! We hope you enjoy having a look around our website!

What will we be learning this year?

Have a look below to see what we will be up to this term!


We will be sharing and enjoying stories, writing instructions, poems and recounts, describing characters and settings and role playing. We study each book for a few weeks using the book to cover as many forms of writing as possible. Year 1 are using phonics to spell words whilst thinking about their capital letters and full stops. The Year 2 children are using adjectives and some simlies to really make their  writing shine. 


In our maths lessons we work hard to ensure that all children are challenged and foster the opportunity for the children to work in year groups to cover the National Curriculum:

Year 1

We started our term looking at the place value of numbers up to 100. We have recently moved onto addition looking at number bonds to 10. The children are learning how to count up in addition and how we structure number sentences. If you would like to continue learning at home encouraging your child to count or knowing their numbers to 20 confidently will help them in their lessons. 

Year 2

We have been recapping on the place value we learnt last year in Year 1 and using this to solve challenges. We have recently moved to addition where we are learning how to add 2 digit numbers,we use the expanded column method. If you would like more information about this to support your child please ask the class teacher. 

Topic – Dinosaurs 

  • Science – Materials, we will be looking at material properties including how waterproof a material is and using this in our DT.
  • Geography – We start by looking at seasonal changes throughout the year. We will also touch on how the world looked in the time of the dinosaurs. 
  • History – What is a dinosaur? We will be looking into types of dinosaurs and their lives. 
  • RE – Christianity miracles from the bible.If you have any questions please let Miss Schembri know.
  • DT – Construction of a boat that will float which ties in with our science lessons about material properties. 
  • Art – Artwork based on our topic of the dinosaurs, this will include fossil making, dinosaur skeletons and observational drawing. 
  • PE – We are dancers this term and are learning a range of different dances. Please ensure your child has a full P.E kit in school so they can take part. 
  • Music – Singing/performing – join in with songs. Sing loudly or quietly, fast or slow.


These are just some of the things we will touch upon on this topic!



Both Year 1 and Year 2 have the terms spellings sent home in the first week of the term, please practice these at home with your child. We do a practice test on a Wednesday to prepare the children, the spellings are read in order at the beginning of the year. The real spelling test is on a Friday and we will highlight the spellings spelt correctly in your homework folder. 

Year 2:

Will have 2 more pieces of homework on a Thursday. One of these will be a reading comprehension which we will mark with the children in school. The children have to read through the main text and find the answers to the questions within the text. The other piece of homework will be relevant to that week's learning. 

Year 1:

 Year 1 will have a phonics homework sheet sent home on Thursday. It will be a sound that we have recently learnt. 


What you can do to help at home?

  • Ask your child what they learnt today. 
  • Reading at home, practicing spellings and completing homework on time.
  • Make sure they get enough sleep on a school night.
  • Have fun at the weekends and enjoy some time together.
  • Get your child out and enjoying this lovely sunny weather

 If you have any questions please never hesitate to ask us we are always happy to help. 

Miss Schembri, Mrs Buckley and Mrs Wrout. 





Something has been in Squirrel Class! We did a lot of investigating of the footprints and the nest with 2 eggs inside.  What has been in Squirrel Class? We did a lot of investigating of the footprints and the nest with 2 eggs inside.  We wrote our fantastic ideas in English and we decided that it was either a dinosaur, penguin or an ostrich. Great ideas were shared some being that dinosaurs are now extinct and penguins cannot fly to our classroom so that left most of us believing it was an ostrich that laid the big eggs.