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Welcome to Term 5!

We hope that you have all had a lovely holiday and are all set to make some wonderful new memories this term! Our topic is 'Outside we go!' and we will be playing and learning outside whenever we can! This term you will find out more about the world around us and the minibeasts that live in it, and also about frog and butterfly life cycles. You can find out more about our learning this term by looking at the topic web below.

Reading books will continue to be sent home on a Monday for the week. Your child will bring a decodable phonic reading book home, which they should read themselves. They will also bring home a book they have chosen to be shared with an adult or an older sibling. Reading at home 'a little and often' makes all the difference to a child's reading and we are very grateful to everyone who reads at home with their child. Please return bookbags on a Friday. Newsletters will be posted on Tapestry on a Friday, and there will also be some home learning challenges that you can try over the weekend!

If you ever have any concerns please speak to a member of staff 

The Ducklings Team




In the last week of Term 4 we had great fun learning about Easter! We listened to the Easter story and then made our own Easter gardens. We also followed instructions to make hot cross buns, then ate them outside in the sunshine! We also made beautiful Easter bonnets and did a parade around the field with Bluebells nursery. We also used natural materials to decorate eggs as part of the whole school 'Colloboreggs' project. On the last day we enjoyed an Easter egg hunt in the garden - it was a very busy three days!


Take a look at our Easter gardens.



We used natural materials to decorate eggs.



We made lovely Easter bonnets.



Look at the hot cross buns!



 The Easter Egg hunt!



In Term 4 we have been enjoying learning about different traditional tales and playing and working with our friends since coming back to school! We have had lots of fun learning indoors and outdoors!









Look at our brilliant textured stand-up dinosaurs, made at home and at school!










Take a look at our brilliant dinosaur clay models and paper bag puppets!







Look at some photos of great home learning!








Week 14

We have had a lovely last week to the term! The Ducklings have enjoyed following a recipe to make reindeer food, and counted out the correct number of spoonfuls of oats, raisins and seed. We also made some mince pies, and took home a piece of the Christmas cake we made to give as a gift. On Wednesday we all enjoyed a super Christmas lunch, and enjoyed wearing the crowns we made. We have also had lots of fun learning outside , and done some brilliant phonics work too!

We would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and wish you a healthy and happy 2021. We look forward to seeing you again on Monday 4th January.





Week 13

The Ducklings have had another lovely week learning about Christmas! This week we have made Christmas cards and calendars, and have had lots of fun learning in our role play Christmas post office. The children have done some wonderful writing in there! On Friday we had our Christmas party and had so much fun playing games and enjoying treats and snacks from the PTFA! Brilliant work, Ducklings!






Week 12

Christmas has arrived in Ducklings, and we have all had a wonderful week! We have been very busy, and on Monday spent the afternoon making decorations for our lovely real Christmas tree! We also walked to All Saints Church on Wednesday to look at our artwork on display, and it looked fantastic! We followed instructions to make a Christmas cake on Thursday and then on Friday we learnt about the Spanish Christmas tradition of the Caga Tio, a log that will give treats at Christmas. We have also heard the Christmas story and are acting out the Nativity.







Week 11

This week we have worked hard to create a wall hanging to go in All Saints Church in Lydd. We have used our tie dyed cloths to make a picture of Mary and Baby Jesus, and then painted on the faces. We will soon go and have a look at it in the church!



Week 10

This week we have learnt about the Hindu festival of light, Divali. We learnt how Hindus celebrate across the world, and listened to the story of Rama and Sita, where good triumphs over evil. We made clay diva lamps and then painted and decorated them, and made rangoli floor patterns using rice and coloured sand. We were also very pleased to receive a thank you letter for placing our poppy stones at the Memorial Garden.





Week 9 

This week we have talked about Remembrance and we all painted a poppy on a stone. These stones were then placed in the Memorial Garden in Lydd. We marked Children in Need with a tag day and by making Pudsey Bear masks, and then we learnt about how the money raised will be used. We made Pudsey biscuits by following instructions, and then decorated them when they were cooked. We have also spent a lot of time outside, making the most of the sunny weather.










Week 8

In our first week back after half term we found out about Bonfire Night and how and why it is celebrated. We drew our own firework pictures and watched a firework display in the classroom! We also tie-dyed some white cloth and these will be used for a big Advent display! We were delighted with the bright colours and the beautiful patterns! We have also spent time exploring outside and enjoying the sunshine after such a lot of rain!






Week 7

This week we have continued to learn about Autumn, and have found out more about hedgehogs and how they hibernate in the Autumn. We have made our own hedgehogs out of clay, and placed a hedgehog house in the school grounds and filled it up with leaves - we really hope a hedgehog will find it and hibernate in it! We were also given a big bag of apples, and used these to make an apple crumble and apple smoothies. We have also learnt how to name and describe 2D shapes and have had lots of fun outdoors. What a busy week we have had!






Week 6

This week we have been learning about Autumn and the changes we see outside in this season. We have listened to the story of 'Leaf Man' by Lois Ehlert and have made our own leaf men out of Autumn materials. We have also been on a walk to collect signs of Autumn, and have used what we found to make patterns and pictures. What a lovely week we have had!










 Week 5

Look at the fun we have had this last week! We have been busy thinking about Harvest, and have made a vegetable soup and drawn vegetables using pastels. We have also been exploring our garden and planting late potatoes and tulip bulbs, and we hope they will grow! 












Our first few weeks in school!
















We love to play and learn outside!














We have followed instructions to make bread. It was delicious!














A message from the Class Teacher:


Reading: The children will be introduced to Phase 3 phonic sounds this term, and we will continue to assess their phonic knowledge regularly. Corresponding sounds will be sent home with them each week in their home/school diary, please continue to practice all the sounds with your child at home to consolidate their learning. The children love stories, reading with your child frequently will encourage them to create stories and help them build their confidence too.

Writing: Ducklings are enjoying using their new phonic skills to write decodable words in their books. Some children will begin to write simple sentences this term. Some children can write their names and others are still practising, please continue to practise name-writing at home with your child as they love the freedom that comes with being able to write their names on their own work.

Maths: This term we will be confirming all our numbers to 20, and learning to compare and order numbers to 20. We practise counting beyond 20 every day and are learning how to create the numbers we count to, using place-value cards and manipulating with physical resources. We will be adding and subtracting small quantities using manipulatives and learning how to write number sentences. We will also be working with the shape family and getting to know the similarities and differences between the shapes.


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On Thursday 6th February the Ducklings went into the library for story time. We really enjoyed sharing books together, and then we all listened to the story of ‘The Very Slow Sloth’ . We had a lovely time in the library!



The Arctic and Antarctica 

This term Ducklings have learnt all about the Arctic and Antarctica. We have found these places on the globe, and found about the animals that live there. In our Writing we have written riddles about an Arctic or Antarctic animal, and then tried to guess what animal was being described. We have also used our problem solving skills to free a penguin that was trapped in the ice, and the children came up with some brilliant suggestions for how we could free the penguin! We have made lots of cold pictures, and have mixed paints to make different shades of blue and used chalks, pastels and collage materials. In our Busy Ducklings time we have explored a role play igloo, created icy small worlds for animals, cut out snowmen, built sugar cube igloos and lots of other fun things. Take a look at the photos!





Mobile Planetarium

On Friday 24th January Ducklings were very lucky to visit a mobile planetarium. We went inside the planetarium and we learnt lots of facts about Space.


Alfie – I learnt that the moon has phases.

Faye – I learnt that stars are born in a rainbow.

Innes – I learnt that the Earth spins around the Sun.

Harry – I learnt that the Earth is not a circle, it is a ball shape.



Number Day, 7th February
On Friday 7th February it was Number day! We all had fun doing lots of Maths. In PE we counted how many jumps and side steps and star jumps we could do in one minute, and played number games in the hall. We then made symmetrical Chinese dragon pictures using paints, and then sorted money and made Chinese lucky money wallets. In the afternoon we explored lots of different Maths resources and did lots of counting and sorting. We all had a lovely day!
Chinese New Year
‘The Ducklings spent a fun two weeks learning about China and how Chinese people celebrate the New Year. We learnt about the story of the Chinese zodiac, and also listened to a Chinese folk tale called ‘The Magic Paintbrush’. We tried some Chinese foods, including noodles, rice, bamboo shoots, lychees, water chestnuts and we also tried some Chinese lapsang souchong tea! In our PE we performed a dragon dance to music, and in our Maths we made symmetrical dragon masks and lucky money wallets. Our role play area was a Chinese restaurant and we had great fun taking orders and preparing food. We all had a lot of fun learning about China!
Shrove Tuesday

On Shrove Tuesday Ducklings learnt about why we eat pancakes and listened to the story of ‘Mr. Wolf’s Pancakes’. In the afternoon we ate pancakes and chose from a range of toppings. We then made a tally chart to show which toppings we chose, and chocolate spread was the most popular!



Learning Outdoors!

In Ducklings we love to learn outdoors! Come rain or come shine, we use our garden every day.














Visit by Firefighter Archie

On Monday 16th March Ducklings were visited by Firefighter Archie. He told us how to stay safe, and what we should do if there is a fire. We all learnt lots of things, including a rhyme to keep us safe; Matches, lighters, never touch, they can hurt you very much. We then did some fantastic writing about how to keep safe!


 Science Week, March 16th-20th

It was Science Week, March 16th-20th. In Ducklings we had lots of fun doing experiments, such as testing what happened when we added Mentoes to Coke, and what happened when we dropped an effervescent tablet into oil and water. We also made our own bubble wands using pipe cleaners, and watched to see what shapes the bubbles would be as we made unusual shaped wands. They were all spheres! Some of us have also made potions in Busy Ducklings time by mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and we have enjoyed watching the reactions!


This week we have also set up a bird feeding area outside and gone for a walk to look for signs of Spring. We were also lucky to be given some frogspawn, which we have watched closely and have noticed tadpoles hatching and growing gills. We have had a very busy and interesting week!






Look at what is growing in the Ducklings Garden!

The beanstalks are growing taller!



The potatoes and turnips are growing under the soil.